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Lemon and lime are comparative tropical citrus natural products many individuals are confounded about. They look like each other in taste, shape and nutritious profile, however they likewise contrast by a great deal. Experimentally, lemons are known as Citrus Lemon, while limes are named Citrus aurantifolia. Lemons are bigger in measure than limes and are sharp in taste, not at all like limes which can be severe or sweet relying upon the assortment.

Lemons are oval fit as a fiddle while limes are round, and them two have a great deal of vitamin C like all citrus natural products. When all is said in done, lemons have around 53 mg. of vitamin C while limes contain 29 mg. of the vitamin. Limes are additionally rich in vitamin A, while lemons contain a great deal of potassium and folic corrosive.

As we already mentioned, lemons and limes have a similar nutritional profile – they contain almost the same vitamins and minerals and are also full of antioxidants which can fight cancer. Both fruits contain limonoids that can fight carcinogens and although they taste acidic, they are alkaline in nature. Bot fruits can remove toxins from your body which can be the main cause of inflammation and health problems such as diabetes and cancer.

As you can see, both fruits are highly healthy which is why experts recommend adding them to your diet. Start eating them today and you will improve your overall health soon!

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