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Genie Bra Review

The Genie Bra, an unquestionable requirement have in your Lingerie’s accumulation, is a standout amongst the most agreeable underpants, particularly intended for ladies to liven up their front and look beguiling, without trading off on solace. From one of the best bra organizations, this women bra gives an awe-inspiring, regular shape of your bosoms. The Genie Bra is an astounding womens clothing with an imaginative outline. It is particularly produced to conquer the ordinary blemishes found in most ladies’ bras like the burrowing wires, smart straps and snares.

Made out of a blend of Nylon and Spandex, this consistent woven bra underpins you delicately while moving with the figure to form to the right glass measure that too without the utilization of bra mini-computer. Each pack contains three Genie bras with various sorts of bras, the Genie Bra’s mystery is in the woven everlast solace stretch fabric that custom fits in with fit all bra sizes and never loses its shape. The fabric permits it to be extended and pulled in various routes relying upon your body’s shape yet at the same time backpedals to its unique structure. In addition, the wide solace lift band gives you the bolster you require notwithstanding for huge bras without rolling. Also, best of all, the Genie Bra online has exceptionally outlined enchantment pockets so you can slip in the free additional bolster cushions for a more youthful, perkier look. Selecting your genie bra sizes is simple – there is no requirement for any bra size mini-computer simply pick as indicated by your shirt size.

Not just does the Genie Bra looks incredible, it’s anything but difficult to clean as well. Simply toss it in the washer and dryer and this women bras ricochets right back to its unique shape, no uncommon consideration required. You may seek Bras online and run over scores of Online Bras, however the Genie Bra’s solace and bolster stands unmatched. Consequently, on your next outing for ladies’ online bra shopping, scan rather for Telebuy to get the best bra shopping background ! We have the most agreeable of Soft Bras – the Genie Bra!

The customary white bra may give you cumbersome stance and drive you to manage the disturbances of falling straps, and under wires, giving you unattractive lumps. Provocative underwear, strapless bra and originator unmentionables may offer bras intended to simply flaunt your bends. What’s more, Open Cup Bra sorts have no mugs by any means, thus gives no backing at all! Yet, with the Genie Bra, you will find solace while giving a moment lift! This flawless Bra is particularly intended to dispose of the agony and uneasiness in wearing bras while giving firm yet agreeable backing. The blend of nylon and spandex gives you both the backing and solace, commonly not found in conventional brazier bra. This bra for ladies underpins your bust while keeping your bosoms separated, supporting them flawlessly and giving a moment lift for a perkier, energetic look. This bra gives you bolster like a common games bra does.

This women bra can be worn in various ways. You can wear it as a games bra to the exercise center, as a cushioned bra, push up bra, an underwire bra or underneath an easygoing top. Envision getting a solitary bra for an action, which would spare you a ton of cash excessively !

  • 96% Nylon + 4% Spandex
Size Chart


  • White
  • Beige
  • Black

Wash Care

  • Machine wash
  • Hand wash


  • Seamless, no hooks, wires, lining
  • Daily use
  • Stretchable
  • With pads (optional use) (remove pads before wash)
  • Use as Sport bra / camisole / casual top / padded bras
  • Comfortable support

  • Gives an agreeable bra fitting 
  • Consistent and circumspect 
  • Can hole up behind any dress 
  • Ideal for office clothing types 
  • Awesome Support 
  • No clumsy lumps 
  • No more underwires or snares 
  • No peeping Straps 
  • Holds it’s shape 
  • No rolling or riding up 
  • No uncommon wash directions – Hand/Machine launderable 
  • Diverse bra container sizes 
  • Ideal for both petite and full figured ladies 
  • Characterized lift 
  • Consistent and Stylish
What Genie Bra doesn’t? do
Bottom band in Genie bra might be better than underwire but it can still roll up, which can be annoying. There’s confusion when looking for right size bra as you don’t know if you are looking for shirt or bra size. Some might think it gives a small fit and you might have to buy a bra one size bigger. Unfortunately the common grouse about genie bra is that delivery takes long. Your location can also lead to huge shipping and handling costs.
The sizing guideline attached here can help you pick the right fit. Genie bra is as comfortable as a sports bra and to your relief there’s no underwire or straps. You can also use it to create a camisole look without adding unwanted layers.

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