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Remove All The Fat From Your Body With Only 2 Ingredients!

We are giving you an exceptionally compelling beverage for cleaning your assortment of poisons and losing some additional kilos. The formula is profoundly suggested after an overwhelming dinner and amid an eating regimen. You would require 2 fixings just which you will discover in your refrigerator.

  • 1 kg of lemon;
  • 400 gr of celery.

How to prepare it: grate 400 gr of celery root and add it in 2 liters of water. After that, add a bit of lemon peel. Cook the mixture for 20 minutes and then let it cool down (5-6 hours). Squeeze the lemons and then add the juice into the mixture. Afterwards, strain the mixture and pour it in a glass bottle.

Dosage: consume it 3 times per day before meals (1 dl). You may dilute it with water if you think the mixture is very strong. Keep it in the fridge.

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