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These Warning Signs Could Mean Cancer! Don’t Ignore If You Notice Any Of These Symptoms

A small protuberance, or an adjustment in the presence of skin moles may appear to be safe to a large portion of us. Be that as it may, they are most certainly not.

The majority of these signs are cautioning ringers for growth.

Perused on to think about them.

1.. Unexplained and lingering pain.

Unexplained pain in any part of the body should not be ignored. Though some types of pain come and go at will, others persist. For example, pain in the abdomen region may signal ovarian cancer, a persistent pain in the chest could mean lung cancer and so on.

2. Persistent cough or hoarseness that doesn’t get better with time.

Though allergies cause cough and cold, a persistent cough is a warning signal. You may find it strange but even non-smokers are susceptible to lung, throat and larynx cancer. Therese Bartholomew Bevers, MD of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, US, says, “Most coughs are not cancer, but a persistent cough needs to be evaluated because it can be a symptom of lung cancer.”

3. Change in bladder habits.

Finding blood in urine or having to pee more often or less often than your normal routine may be pointing towards some infection may cause cancer in bladder or kidney.

4. Change in bowel routine.

While some bowel changes may be a result of your eating disruptions or certain medications, a prolonged change in the shape, size and timing of your bowel movements may signal colon cancer.

5. Unexplained fatigue.

If you feel tired most of the times without any apparent reason, it indicates blood cancer, leukemia.

6. Unexplained bleeding.

Bleeding, that isn’t caused by a cut or bruises, is a cause for concern. Vaginal bleeding or blood in the urine (when you are not in your periods) may be indicative of cervical cancer, blood in the stool may signal colon or rectal cancer, and blood in the phlegm or cough may be a sign of lung cancer.

7. Unexpected lumps or bumps. 

If you observe any sudden or unexplained lumps or bumps growing under your skin, then it is recommended to consult a physician and get yourself checked for any underlying health problem. While it may just be a benign cyst, chances of it being a cancer growing in the subterranean tissue cannot be ruled out.

8. Change in the appearance of skin moles.

See a dermatologist if you notice new moles on your skin or if you find your existing moles changing shape, size, and/or color. It may signal melanoma, a deadly skin cancer.

9. Sores that don’t heal.

A sore that doesn’t heal for more than three weeks, should be checked by a doctor. The kind of sores that don’t heal soon could be indicative of carcinoma, say experts.

10. Unexplained weight loss.

If you have been losing weight without efforts or dieting, then you should consult a physician. It could point to a liver or colon cancer. Sudden weight gain is not normal either and should be a reason enough to send you rushing to your doctor.

11. Trouble in swallowing. 

Persistent trouble in swallowing should not be ignored. It may be a tumour blocking your throat, or could be the neck, head or oesophageal cancer. 

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1 Comment

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