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Why shaving your vagina or pubic hair is NOT a good idea!

Read this before you head to the parlour to get a bikini wax.

Most ladies (even men) favor that the zone down there is perfect with no hair, so shaving pubic or vaginal hair has turned into a typical practice today. In any case, there is a motivation behind why you have pubic hair. So most likely it isn’t an extraordinary thought to shave it off for simply tasteful reasons. Know whether utilizing hair expulsion creams is a protected choice to dispose of pubic hair.

What’s the harm?

There aren’t any documented studies that can point whether shaving pubic hair is good for you. However, this practice has been there from the ancient times and it is believed that a clean vagina is one of the many factors that attracts the partner and appeals to the man [1]. But there is a downside to it. The sweat glands present in the pubic region secrete pheromones which to stimulate yours and your partner’s sexual desires. The hair present in the region primarily locks the odour and that’s why every woman has a unique odour that attracts her man. Lack of hair in the region would mean less pleasure as it fails to stimulate your sense of smell. And, stimulating your five senses during sex maximises pleasure .

Also, less pubic hair can make you susceptible to various kinds of bacterial, viral or fungal infections. In fact, it acts as a barrier to some sexually transmitted infections like genital herpes, warts, etc. When pubic hair is shaved, it leaves behind microscopic open wounds over the hair follicle which may lead to bacterial infection, scarring due to irritation and itching . Here are some expert tips to help keep your vagina free of infections.

What you can do? 

In the event that you need to keep your pubic zone trimmed, there isn’t any mischief in it; you can either do it at home or at a hygienic parlor that offers swimming outfit line. This helps you to keep the region clean without going for complete shaving.

Keep your vagina clean with water or other regular vaginal washes to keep the range clean. Abstain from utilizing scented douches and vaginal washes that can make you dry over yonder.

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