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Bipolar Disorder

Women with bipolar disorder have high rate of sexual distress

Ladies with bipolar turmoil have a high commonness of sexual pain, and their sexual capacity is nearly connected with their mind-set side effects and impression of personal satisfaction (QoL), as indicated by an investigation distributed in the International Journal of Bipolar Disorders.

Thea Sørensen, from the Psychiatric Center Copenhagen at Copenhagen University Hospital, and partners led a poll study in an outpatient accomplice of ladies with bipolar confusion to examine sexual brokenness, sexual pain, general sexual fulfillment, and QoL; investigate whether sexual misery was identified with bipolar turmoil side effects; and explore whether QoL was related with sexual trouble.

The study contained data from the Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire, Female Sexual Distress Scale, Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale (ASRM), Major Depression Inventory (MDI), and The World Health Organization Quality of Life-Brief.

Altogether, 85 ladies (matured 18 to 70 years) were made a request to take part; 14 did not answer the polls (reaction rate, 83.5%), 8 were not determined to have bipolar turmoil, and 2 did not completely entire the surveys, leaving 61 members (72% included). In general, 54% (n = 33) detailed sexual misery, and 39% (n = 24) were not happy with their sexual life. Ladies with bipolar confusion were fundamentally more sexually upset in examination with the control gathering, yet they didn’t have a higher pervasiveness of debilitated sexual capacity.

Better sexual capacity was decidedly connected with ASRM scores, while MDI scores were related with more pain. The gathering of non-sexually upset ladies with bipolar confusion revealed higher QoL scores contrasted and the sexually troubled gathering.


  1. Sørensen T, Giraldi A, Vinberg M. Sexual distress and quality of life among women with bipolar disorder. Int J Bipolar Disord. 6 June 2017. doi: 10.1186/s40345-017-0098-0

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